Your Simplest Funeral Plan

This is the most affordable plan with the inclusive category (‘inclusive’ means plans that include an allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees).

Covering all the ‘simplest’ aspects of a cremation funeral, this plan is designed to help those whose budget is limited secure a quality farewell that minimises the further expenses that those left behind will be required to pay.

The plan includes an £800 allowance (note: different to the £1,200 allowance that applies to the other plans in the Inclusive category) towards disbursements/3rd party fees. These are the cremation fee, the doctor’s fee, and the minister’s/celebrant’s fee for the service at the crematorium.

The ‘Your Simplest’ option guarantees that no matter how long you live, there will never be anything further for loved ones to pay towards the funeral director’s fees and services below:

  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • A simple, veneered, coffin with nameplate
  • A funeral hearse plus bearers
  • 24 hour transfer of the deceased to funeral home/chapel of rest (within 20 miles*)
  • Organising the service at the crematorium
  • Family support and guidance provided by the funeral director

This plan is available from £2,895 (including 3rd party charges)*

*In collecting the deceased and transferring them to the chapel of rest, if the distance covered exceeds 20 miles, then additional mileage costs will be charged in accordance with whatever the funeral director’s standard rate happens to be at that time.

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