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If you are considering a pre paid funeral plan then you should compare funeral plans closely and always include the ‘disbursements’ if you can afford to. All of the prices shown in our funeral plan comparison table below include a contribution in the funeral plan costs for disbursements.

My Funeral Plan UK has researched the funeral plan market to assess how our rates compare to the other major companies. Our findings prove that in addition to being one of the industry’s most trusted and recognised funeral plan providers, we’re also the most competitively priced.

With so many pre paid funeral plans to choose from how do we know which one is best for us? Surprisingly all of the major funeral plan providers supply very similar funeral plans so in this case price really does matter!! Compare the funeral costs of our funeral plans with other funeral plan providing companies in the UK.

Standard Intermediate Premium
My Funeral Plan UK £3,355 £3,595 £3,900
Golden Charter £3,625 £3,995 £4,540
Dignity £3,535 £3,885 £4,285
Golden Leaves £3,420 £3,800 £4,120
Age UK £3,495 £3,845 £4,245

Please note: Plans may vary in content, prices correct as of 01/04/2016.

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