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Why Take Out A Funeral Plan

Over the last 2 decades, funeral costs have risen in excess of the annual rate of inflation. A funeral plan is a means by which people can protect their loved ones against rising funeral costs and help eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what a person’s preferred arrangements should include.


Do Our Customers Need To Pass a Medical?

No. Unlike with many insurance products, customers purchasing a plan from us are not required to pass any medical tests.

Will The Funeral Director Who Undertakes The Funeral Be Local?

If the customer is purchasing a Topaz, ‘Your Simplest’, Pearl, Sapphire, or Ruby plan, then the funeral director will always be local to the Planholder’s place of residence at the time of their death.

About Us

My Funeral Plan UK are dedicated to ensuring customers receive funeral services that are personalised and professional, and that represent truly exceptional value for money. In addition to our in-house team of specialist advisors.

It goes without saying that losing a loved-one is an incredibly stressful and emotional time, with considerations such as funeral expenses often causing further concern. Taking out a funeral plan with My Funeral Plan UK is the most affordable, secure, and practical means by which to protect your loved ones against rising funeral costs. It also allows you to dictate the precise format you’d like the occassion to take, so that when the time comes, not only will your family be relieved of a considerable financial burden, but they’ll also be spared the distress of having to make many difficult and uncomfortable decisions.

We guarantee that when you pass away, not only will your family be provided with all the support and reassurance they could possibly want, but all the funeral director’s fees and services will be covered in full.


This is the most affordable plan with the inclusive category (‘inclusive’ means plans that include an allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees).This is the most affordable plan with the inclusive category (‘inclusive’ means plans that include an allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees).

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Our Pearl funeral plan is ideal for those who have simplicity in mind. Your loved ones will have the reassurance of a traditional, dignified, ceremony, with no compromise on Safe Hands’ usual levels of care and attention to detail.

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Our Sapphire funeral plan is the most popular in our range. It includes a wood-veneered coffin, plus a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony.

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Our Ruby funeral plan provides a comprehensive package and is particularly suited to those with larger families, or who expect many mourners to attend. The plan covers 2 limousines, an oak-veneered coffin, and 24 hour support.

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The Topaz plan is the most affordable plan option. It includes all the funeral director’s fees and services, a standard, veneered, coffin, a hearse and 2 bearers, but excludes 3rd Party Charges.

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Join the thousands of people who’ve already discovered the benefits of funeral planning:

  • Receive all the funeral director’s fees and services at today’s prices
  • Your money is held securely in a specialist trust fund
  • Your plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences
  • We offer a wide range of flexible payment terms (including our Instalment Handling Charge free options)
  • No restrictions on current health, age, or medical history.
  • When surveyed, 99% of our customers have expressed complete satisfaction with the levels of guidance and support provided by our highly trained team.

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Here at My Funeral Plan UK, we make ever effort to ensure our customers receive nothing but the very best service. Though you should find everything you need on our website, please feel free to get in touch if you need any further information or assistance.

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